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Angela, Cork
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Darren, Glenmire

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Special Offer: Free Flute Tone & Articulation Booklet

For a limited time, when you buy 'Flute Scales' Book I/Junior you will receive this free booklet, worth €4.99.  The booklet is packed with tips for students who are taking their first steps into the [...]

‘Uniquely Yours’

  'Uniquely Yours' is a commissioning service that creates bespoke music for your wedding ceremony.  Are you tired of hearing the same pieces at weddings over and over again?  If you are looking for something [...]

‘Flute Scales’, Books 1 & 2

Book I/Junior students, grades 3-5.  Book II/Senior students, grades 6-8.  Techniques used to improve fluency across the range include; extended scales, sequences, rhythms and articulation patterns. Book I begins at grade 3 level with keys of up [...]